Our Roots:

JoJo Green has a sound that will grab you out of your chair by your lapels and shake you to the core. This band of misfits found each other in 2019 with one goal: to write, arrange, and perform the best music of their lifetime, and they have not disappointed. With strong influences from Motown, Muscle Shoals, and The Summer of Love, JoJo Green gives a nostalgic feeling to a fresh sound, easy on the ears, and exciting to the body. Listeners are mesmerized by JoJo Green's powerhouse vocals mixed with agile woodwinds, shredding guitars, funky bass, and driving drums: a surefire crowd pleaser!

Band Members

Jermaine Germain - Lead Vocals • Keyboard

Scott Yonke - Bass • Vocals

Conner Allen - Guitar • Vocals

Anna Dolde - Saxophone • Flute • Vocals • Bass Clarinet • Auxiliary Percussion

Nancy Long • Drums • Vocals • Auxiliary Percussion