Our Roots:

JoJo Green has a sound that will grab you out of your chair and shake you to the core. This band of misfits found each other in 2019 with one goal: to write, arrange, and perform the best music of their lifetime, and they have not disappointed. With strong influences from Motown, Muscle Shoals, and The Summer of Love, JoJo Green gives a nostalgic feeling to a fresh sound, easy on the ears, and exciting to the body. Listeners are mesmerized by JoJo Green's powerhouse vocals mixed with agile woodwinds, shredding guitars, funky bass, and driving drums: a surefire crowd pleaser!

Meet the Band

Jermaine Germain

Lead Singer • Keys • Songwriter

Jermaine Germain is the pseudonym of Sharisse Germain, a career musician who has made her mark in the St. Croix Valley, and Greater Twin Cities area due to the sheer power, agility, and variety her voice has to offer. A fantastic, energetic frontwoman, Sharisse is formally and informally trained on Piano/Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Auxiliary and Mallet Percussion.

An accomplished vocalist, Jermaine completed her Bachelor of Music with emphasis in Vocal Performance at St Cloud State University in 2011. During her studies, she won awards and recognition for her work performing classical music locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. After graduation, she decided to translate her formal classical training into Rock and Pop music performance. She is a powerhouse singer, a composer, songwriter, and vocal/performance coach, whose writing style is a curious contrast of electric pain and catharsis, wrapped up in a bright, fun package.

Scott Yonke

Bass • Songwriter

Scott started his musical career right after high school when he moved to Mankato Minnesota to go to college. During his time in Southern, MN he formed a band called “Three In A Tree” that eventually signed a record deal with Big G Records and ultimately recorded music and played hundreds of shows culminating in an opening slot for Bon Jovi at The Xcel center in St Paul. Three in a Tree eventually disbanded, and he went on to play bass and write songs for several bands including: Fat Rudy, Soulie, Fire On The Moon, The Jimmies, Parachute Empire, The Gunn Slingners, plus several freelance live and studio gigs.

In 2009 he released his first solo album with The Yonketonk Band called “We Watched As The Sun”. After playing with Run Like Hell, a Pink Floyd Tribute, for several years with Jermaine Germain, they decided to start the Pop Fusion band, JoJo Green, and it’s the best music he's written to date.

Anna Dolde

Alto Sax • Flute • Bass Clarinet • Aux Percussion • Vocals • Songwriter

Anna Dolde is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and electronic music artist from Seattle, Wash. Her quintet set of talents is rounded out by alto saxophone, composition, voice, flute and bass clarinet. 

A rigorous high school jazz band program in Seattle influenced Anna to become the musician she is today and led her to being named Outstanding Alto Saxophonist two years in a row at The Essentially Ellington Competition, hosted by Jazz at Lincoln Center. Anna has also performed in Seattle area jazz clubs and performance venues throughout the region.
With those experiences in tow, Anna moved to the Midwest to attend Macalester College in 2014. She was a featured soloist in the Macalester Jazz Band, doubling on flute and bass clarinet, while also focusing on small ensemble work, exploring jazz fusion with rock, pop and alternative music. 

She currently devotes herself to expanding her artistry as co-leader of the jazz-pop fusion band Rabeca and providing vocals, flute, saxophone and auxiliary percussion skills to JoJo Green.

Conner Allen

Guitar • Vocals • Arranging

Originally from St. Paul, Minn., Conner has always lived in the Midwest, but feels most at home onstage. Picking at his dad’s nylon string guitar in his early years was always more than just a hobby. However, he didn’t start taking serious steps until after graduating from high school in 2001. After taking a couple of years to practice and develop, and after a lot of open mics, he figured out his next move.

Conner auditioned and was accepted to study music at the McNally Smith College of Music. For the next five years he immersed himself in many styles of music, focusing heavily on jazz, rhythm n’ blues and funk. While attending he was in a variety of different bands and ensembles, gaining experience playing with talented musicians from all over the world. 

Graduating with B.A. degrees in both music composition and musical performance (emphasis on guitar) he is also an accomplished vocalist and blues harpist. On guitar he draws inspiration from a diverse group of players, but his playing style is most influenced by the blues and rock guitarists of the late 80s and early 90s and a handful of current jazz fusion players.

Nancy Long

Drums • Aux Percussion • Vocals • Arranging

If your nickname is Bongos, it’s a fair guess that you were born with music dancing through your blood, itching for an outlet. Why not the dinner table? Nancy’s first drumsticks were a knife and fork, whose staccato taps fueled her love for the drums.

That internal, musical drumbeat only increased as Nancy grew up. She competed and won top honors in solo and ensemble contests in high school. An invitation to audition for the All United States Band earned her the honor of touring Europe with the group. 

Not only has Nancy shared her gifts live onstage in many bands, but she has recorded music and contributed her talents as an independent player in the studio. She has been a go-to fill-in for many western Wisconsin and Twin Cities bands, thanks to her adaptability and versatility. 

Her limitless ambition and adventurous spirit has allowed her to master many musical styles and genres, such as big band swing, indie/Americana, contemporary Christian, blues, classic rock, Top 40 hits, disco, funk, country, rock and pit orchestra.